“Monnalisa, You’re like the lady with the Mystic Smile”

So as Nat King Cole sings.

However, this Monnalisa provides you with a different euphoric experience – through food.

Located in Plaza Damas, Monnalisa restaurant started off way in the small town of Napoli in Italy circa 1962 (as seen in the featured picture), according to Mr.Carmine, owner of the quaint little restaurant who originally worked as an Engineer. His grandmother started the restaurant where he grew up savouring her delicious, authentic Italian dishes.

Authentic Italian pasta available.
Not only pasta and pizza but also poultry and other dishes are set to tickle your taste buds.
Dine with a ‘view’ of Naples.

Here, he continues to do so by providing diners with original Italian dishes with the freshest ingredients, all imported from Italy. His specialty is, of course, the pizza and pasta (many variations) with many classic Italian liquors sold too such as Limoncello, Sambuca and Amaro. For a lighter touch, there is the Menabrea beer. Meanwhile for the non-drinkers, there is also your typical Italian coffee – Coffe Gioia. As you savour all these, bask in the view of a painting of Napoli with a background of the Pompeii-an volcano, Vesuvius.

Cute little car that Mr. Carmine brought in for picture perfect moments.
Quaint and cozy.

Monnalisa Ristorante Italiano
M-1-1, Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
+03 6206 5394



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