Jacques Ferrier Architecture Exhibition 2017 – The Sensual City

An architect with a difference. Having been influenced by the critic Rayner Banham and worked under Norman Foster, Jacques Ferrier has developed a highly individual approach to architecture.
As you enter the exhibition, a large hoarding introducing his works stand in awe.
An introduction.
 Rather than focusing purely on the aesthetics, Ferrier strongly believes that a building should engage all five of your senses. For each new project he will immerse himself in the urban environment in order to create a structure that responds and is sensitive to its surroundings. His philosophy is centred around the idea of the ‘Sensual City’
where he seeks to harness technology in order to engage with the individual and society as a whole.
Intricate, detailed models of his works on display.
Ferrier has been involved in some magnificent projects. One of his most high profile works was France’s Shanghai World Expo Pavilion in 2010, which was ranked, alongside Thomas Heatherwick’s pavilion for the UK, as one of the most lauded and visited pavilions of the fair. The pavilion evokes many of Ferrier’s key characteristics, a deep interest in technology, the encouragement of social interaction through the use of courtyards, walkways and loggias, and the use of a perforated outer skin that climatically controls the building, creates an extra space for social gatherings and softens the building’s exterior.
All these were seen at his recent exhibition at White Box, Publika from the 18th of May to the 1st of June 2017. Astounding architecture all shown in building models that were constructed with much persistence and precision.
Definitely impressive.
To know more about Jacques Ferrier and his works, log on to www.jacques-ferrier.com.



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