Digging into Yummy Poke bowl with Fin

What started off as just a hiking trip, Michelle and Joel came across a brilliant idea of bringing the Hawaiian poke dish back to Malaysia. We had a chat to get to know more and here’s what went down:

1) How and when did you start Fin?

Fin started serving 4 months ago, but we’ve been dreaming it up since last year — we went through months of recipe experimenting, especially with our sauces, and building our own furniture for the shop. At times we made a huge mess in the kitchen at home — sorry mom!


2) What and when was the ‘Eureka’ moment to start Fin?


After a long hike by the coast in Australia, we stumbled upon a poke shop and fell in love with it. It was like DING DING DING!!! We wanted to bring this vibe back home — fresh and quick food, unpretentious setting. Best enjoyed outdoors!




3) Did you always have the love for food?


Yes, love and fascination for food, and hopefully do it justice! I guess that’s why we’re so hands on with Fin — we go to the markets to find the best produce, meet local suppliers and just working with other start-up food brands in the community. Before this, we were working in a pretty big F&B company, so it’s refreshing to do our thing.
Don’t miss this bar when you walk along Art Row in Publika.


4) What are/is the unique point(s) about Fin that distinguishes from other poke bowl brands?


We love how diverse the poke scene is in KL. At Fin, we make all the sauces ourselves, and each has a certain complexity and depth to it. Whether it’s the piquant Sriracha mayo that’s got a real zest and kick to it, or our deeply aromatic Sichuan chili oil that finishes with a sweet & spicy flavour. Our food presentation is also vibrant, messy and colourful, which really represents our vision — food is fun, fuss-free and to be savoured without taking itself too seriously!


Choose your poke and sauces!
4) Any expansion plans?


We’re gearing up to open a few similar concepts — our goal is really to offer healthy, delicious food that’s affordable for people. Sometimes customers ask us to sell our sauces — maybe that’s something we should look into!


Block B3, Lot 52, Art Row, Publika Shopping Gallery
Mon-Fri, 11am-8pm, Saturday, closed, Sunday, 11am-4pm.



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