Airliftz Bagel EP Launch Party

Following up the mainstream success of ‘Gwalos’, hip-hop wunderkind Airliftz is set to release his first body of work via the This Way Up imprint. The BAGEL EP is a 5-song project featuring the 19-year-old at his most honest and vulnerable with production duties fully helmed by lowkey Singaporean beatsmith, GROSSE (Sam Rui, Ffion). We managed to catch him for a quick chat.

How did you come to choose your name? AIRLIFTZ is a very unique name.

I was trying to come out with something so simple because back then I used to be known as “Phaze”. Phaze as in like ‘kabus’. After a while, it sounds kinda corny to me and I’m like “Let’s just change to Airliftz.” How I got Airliftz is from my real name, Aliff and at the same time Airlift is like lifted air, in the air, I’m airlifted. It’s like I’m going & trying to go on a higher level; trying to reach a higher stage.

We heard that you’re performing at Good Vibes Festival. What was your reaction like when they approached you?

Oh my God, I was like, stoked and just ‘shooketh’! (laughs). I remember I went to Good Vibes last year and I said to my friend, “Man, it’ll be so cool if I get to perform at Good Vibes.”And then he went like “Yeah, maybe, maybe you’re gonna be there on stage next year.” And it happened this year and I’m like wow, this is amazing! You know like I just started out and now I’m on Good Vibes and it’s crazy!

You have an EP coming up, performing at Good Vibes Festival and you are also touring Asia soon. Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Well, if my music really helped me out, I just wanna be on tour, not just Malaysia but also to other countries; try to tap into the international market. I wanna be in the studio with international artists. My dream is to be in the studio with a rapper called Super Duper Kyle, Kyle Harvey. I’ve been watching him since I was 14. And now like he’s blowing up in the States. He really has inspired me. I ask myself if he can do it, why not me? That’s how I see myself in the future. And a beach. And this small house.

If you’re up for Airliftz’s launch party, click here.  Check out Airliftz at his Instagram page, @notairliftz.




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