10 Minutes with Kyoto Protocol

Following a rocking show at The Syok Rock Show, we managed to get in touch with Kyoto Protocol for a quick interview session. Here’s a heads-up:

Kyoto Protocol rocking it out at The Bee during The Syok Rock Show.

1) How did you guys come up with the your band name? 

I had an idea for a band name: Redux Initiative. Redux being the reappearance of something already done before, which describes our love for the great music of yesteryear, and Initiative reflecting our initiative to try and do something new with that influence. Seems like a well-thought out name.

One of the guys commented, “I don’t know man. It sounds like the Kyoto Protocol or Geneva Convention.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

2) Who are your biggest influencers when it comes to writing/composing songs?

We draw influences from as wide a spectrum of musical backgrounds as possible, because we feel that makes for the most exciting product. Clearly, as mentioned in the answer to the previous question, we were a big fan of the classics especially when it came to punk, funk, rock & even metal.

Furthermore, all of us have different tastes and musical upbringings. I loved music as wide as Kool & The Gang to The Clash. Shaq played in jazz band in school. Gael is big into EDM and progressive rock. Hairi is an old soul and is an eternal student of 70s rock and roll. Shan grew up playing traditional Indian percussion-based instruments.

3) Tell us an interesting tale of an (or if more please, do tell too) interesting (scary/funny/gory etc) incident that happened while on tour or during a show.

Let’s go with gory since we don’t often get to talk about that. We are an energetic band on stage, and there’s a lot of movement. It’s a wonder that we don’t hurt ourselves. Apart from the fact that we actually do get physically injured quite a lot. The worst time was when we were performing at MMU Cyberjaya and Hairi’s headstock (the part of the guitar with all the scary wires sticking out) smashed into Gael’s head. Here’s the result:

(link to original post on @kyotoband’s instagram: https://instagram.com/p/mB7I2hNoyS/ )

4) What’s in store for Kyoto Protocol in the near future? (tours, new album etc)?

Glad to say that we are working on new songs. Whether that will be in the form of singles or an album, we don’t know yet. We’ve already been playing one of our new songs “Delta Wing” at our live shows, and the response has been extremely encouraging.
We will also be playing at the Rocktober Fest in Miri happening on 6th and 7th of October. We are really excited for that because it’s the festival’s maiden date, there is a stellar line-up, and Miri-ans really know how to rock!

Check out Kyoto Protocol on their website at www.kyotoband.com or Facebook page here

*Featured picture courtesy of Kyoto Protocol



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