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Wait! Don’t sigh yet. This is no ordinary gym where you lift weight to bulk up your triceps or crunch out your chocolate-bar abs to get that mirror-selfie-worthy toned body. HIIT2fit offers something different.

How different, you ask? We managed to speak to Wilson Lee, co-Founder of HIIT2fit and also a former national triathlete. And in case you’re still wondering, HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training.

Wilson Lee HIIT2fit
Wilson Lee, HIIT2fit co-Founder

The name is catchy and of course, we know what it means. But take us through the process. How did you decide on the name HIIT2FIT?

Basically, Chrissy and I are former national triathletes. We still are but not at the competitive level because we are busy here. Previously, as part of our triathlon training, we incorporated a lot of HIIT training in our workouts that helped us to compete well and improve strength as well as aerobic fitness.

So, we wanted to bring this HIIT concept into the mass market. There are many ways to do HIIT. Basically, you do high-intensity workouts coupled with rest in between. These variations, from short to long, depends on the training outcome. The focus is to go hard and then recover.

What is the concept behind HIIT2FIT? We understand that you focus on two aspects – Lean and Mean.

All our workouts are designed, whether Lean or Mean, to achieve a certain heart rate. So Lean is purely aerobics which involves some strength whereas Mean is indoor circuit training or indoor boot camp.

In Mean class, you alternate between cardio and strength. The cardio portion will be done on a treadmill while strength training will be done on the other side of the class equipped with the medicine ball and TRX suspension trainers. Then, you switch.

Each day is a different workout. Both classes come with a heart rate monitor. Through the heart rate monitor, we will know when to go hard and when to go easy.

HIIT2fit Wilson Lee
Challenge your limit at HIIT2fit.

What do you think is the unique quality of your fitness centre that makes it different from the rest of the boutique gyms in Mont Kiara and Hartamas?

There are two things. Of course, the most obvious is the heart rate monitor. We are the first of two in Malaysia to have it and we are looking forward to growing this concept bigger. I think fitness industry in Malaysia is quite young because although people like to exercise they are not really educated about how to do it properly.

Some people come to us and say things like “I’ve been working out for months and I got my personal training three times a week, but I’m still overweight”. When I see the way they work out, I know why.

They are not hitting the right zone and sometimes not working hard enough to get that desired outcome. The only way to HIIT right is through the heart rate monitor so that they know what zone they need to be targetting and at which level. Here at HIIT2Fit, everyone has the tracking system and they do their training based on the system.

Secondly, lifestyle. Even though we were once athletes for Malaysian team, we always believe in balanced lifestyle. Most people would say “Oh that’s for professionals”, but we want people to be educated about how to work out properly and also live a balanced life.

Work out doesn’t mean it’s a torture and it’s not that hard. Work out is fun. Here, we make it in a really fun way with music, lighting effects, and more! It’s really engaging and fun environment. It’s not just “I have to go to the gym”, but it is beyond that – we are going to HIIT!

What are the outcomes that patrons can expect from the classes offered in the gym?

We just want everyone to have a good sweat and have a very good time. These two are our main focus. Then again, anyone can make you sweat. Sweating is easy but doing the correct movement and exercises while you’re sweating, that’s the hardest part.

To achieve this, we mask workout with fun. What I hope is that people get out of their comfort zone and discover their new limits. At the end of the day, you will not only realise how much fun exercise could be but more importantly, it’s important to be fit and enjoy doing it.

What are some of the challenges that you’ve faced as a team before and after setting up the centre?

The hardest challenge is definitely the people’s mindset towards exercise. That’s why we try our best to make it fun because it’s not usual for people to work out, especially on Fridays and weekends. Usually, it starts to get very busy on Mondays and then quiet throughout the week because people are busy with other things.

I’m not saying that you can’t have “happy hour” or can’t party at all. The thing is you work out, probably after work, and then take a quick shower here – yes, we have showers and towels are provided – and you’re good to go. We aim to make it a lifestyle brand. It’s all about work, work out, party. Thats it.

How do you find the instructors who work at the gym? What are the requirements to be an instructor at HIIT2FIT?

Instructors have to be knowledgeable and certified. Apart from that, we also run our own training to make sure they know all the workouts and how to perform them correctly. Our programmer is a certified trainer too. Other than that, we get the instructors through referrals from our circle of family and friends.

The hiring is very important because instructors are the key to our business. We want our instructors to live the lifestyle we are trying to promote to our customers, to walk the talk.

Chrissy Kha Khrang, the other co-founder of HIIT2Fit [Photo: Facebook)]

A4-UG1-08, Publika, 1,
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
+6012-987 7224

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 6.30 a.m. – 10.00 a.m., 6.30 p.m. – 10.00 p.m.
Saturday/Sunday: Refer to schedule

For more information about their programming as well as how to sign up, visit their official website or follow their Facebook page.



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