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Not a typical art class, Art & Bonding is a studio to bond people together.

The very first time I looked at the name, all I had in mind was “Oh! Another art class.” Only when I met the lovely couple who run the show – Stephy Lew and Philip Chan here at Art & Bonding, did I know that it is more about the ‘Bonding’ compared to the ‘Art’.

Stephy Lew and Philip Chan, founders of Art & Bonding.

When we think of a bonding time with our family, a short getaway to the beach on a weekend sounds perfect. Team-building? Outdoor activities such as kayaking are the more favoured ones. Or maybe a 3-day camping trip in the forest, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Never before (arguably) have we thought of art as a tool that can bond people together. Stepping ahead of the game, Stephy and Philip came out with the fresh concept to use art to create memories and eventually, get people closer.

Both Stephy and Philip came from business and marketing backgrounds. However, it didn’t stop Stephy from taking her hobby in painting to another level together with the help of Philip to make Art & Bonding come to life.

“Paint To Create Memories”

Coca-cola Corporate Team Building session.

Stephy believes that through art, people can bond together. “Every artwork is a memory. Let’s say, I completed this artwork with my boyfriend, every time I look at the artwork, it reminds me of the moment, as if my memories are locked in that art piece. Therefore, we call it ‘Paint to create memories.’”

On the other hand, Philip claimed that there are no skills needed for this. “Honestly speaking, I failed in my art classes. But what I found out was once I start painting together with her, just sitting together for 2 to 3 hours, something (magical) happens. We feel connected and get to know each other more and better. It creates moments and memories just by painting.”

When asked about the concept of Art & Bonding, Stephy explained that it offers to the city people a quick escape from hustle and bustle of urban life without having to go far away. The studio adapts the concept of trendy lifestyle with minimalist and modern interior design. The environment is quiet and calm (but happening during ‘Sip & Paint Night’), suitable for those who seek peace from their busy lives.

A new brand of lifestyle

Art & Bonding offers an alternative for urbanites to have quality times with their loved ones. “It’s a happening place in the sense that you know what people usually do after work here in Malaysia – they go to cinemas, shopping mall, restaurant or bars. This is an alternative for them to come and spend time together and also be creative at the same time with your friends. A very new lifestyle activity in Malaysia”, says Philip.

Smiling faces all over the studio.

Apart from the normal walk-in session, Art & Bonding offers ‘Sip & Paint Night’ where wine is served as complementary to the painting session. The session is suitable for people to release stress, especially working adults. Philip also emphasises that no painting skills needed in order to join the session. “We keep telling them this is not a workshop. Don’t be stressed out if you don’t have basic skills in painting. You can paint whatever you want and most importantly, have fun.” When asked about how perfect the painting is (though it was painted by somebody with almost zero skills), Philip says that there will be an artist to guide the session.

“It’s funny actually. At first, they come in and sit quietly at their own place. After a while, you can see they start to walk around the studio and asking questions like ‘Hey, can I see your painting?’ and the next thing you know they are already exchanging contact numbers,” adds Philip.

For couples who wish to have better quality time rather than just going to the cinema, Stephy explains that they have ‘A Date’s Night’ on Wednesdays where you use two different canvas combined to paint a big picture. “There was one customer who did his proposal here. They painted and after they’ve done, the guy proposed his girlfriend.”

Couple showing their final artwork together.

For those who want more private space within their circle of friends and close family, ‘Art Jamming’ is a session where you can enjoy painting while catching up on stories. “So what they normally do is come in groups and paint. They may use the canvas and tools provided here. For this session, there’ll be no artist to guide them since they usually already know what they want to paint.”

Art Jamming is for those who prefer private space.


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Spend quality time with your loved ones and make new friends at Art & Bonding. Have a look at their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram for more updates.

Art & Bonding
3F, No. 22, Jalan 25/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 010-650 1212



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