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Smile, because you’re beautiful.

It’s amazing to think that a small act of smiling can lighten up the day of those around us. It is one of the simplest yet most beneficial gifts you could offer to anyone, at anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is crucial to take good care of our oral hygiene because truth be told, no one likes smelly breath or unclean teeth.

We spoke to Dr. Yogesh, a dentist at Dutamas Dental Clinic about the importance of taking care of your oral hygiene and how Dutamas Dental Clinic can be of help.

Dr. Yogesh, a dentist at Dutamas Dental.

Having an extensive exposure to oral and maxillofacial surgery and paediatric dentistry, Dr. Yogesh has been serving as a general dentist for 4 years. After graduating from Saveetha Dental College in India, she served Klinik Pergigian Mentakab, Pahang for 2 years before being attached to Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Department of Paediatric at Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, Temerloh, Pahang.

The dentists and staff members of Dutamas Dental Clinic.

With the aim of providing patients with the finest dental care and exceptionally prompt customer service, Dutamas Dental Clinic is founded by Dr. Siti Hafizatun Abdul Shookor who currently acts as the Director. The clinic is equipped with all the latest technologies in dentistry to ensure holistic dental care services to all of our patients from toddler to senior citizens. The goal of Dutamas Dental Clinic is to give patients a comfortable and relaxing dental experience.

Dr. Yogesh explained to us the services offered at Dutamas Dental Clinic. “We serve almost all basic dental services to specialty dental services. For example, basic cleaning (scaling), all kinds of fillings, root carnal treatment, crown bridges veneers, and of course we have teeth whitening as well.”

“For orthodontics treatment like braces, we have specialist consultant attached to our clinic. As for implant or major surgical procedures, we have a specialist coming in as well. More or less, we do all kind of treatments here until unless, of course if you have an accident that leads to fracture and things like that, we will send you to the hospital”, she further explained.

The Laughing Gas Helps To Reduce Anxiety

Nitrous oxide gas is used on a patient.

Many people have the anxiety to meet a dentist or dislike certain sounds associated with dentists, especially those with bad experience as a child. Here at Dutamas Dental, the dentist uses nitrous oxide or commonly known as  laughing gas to help reduce patients’ anxiety. “Patients that come here, the first thing in their mind is their fear of pain. So the advantage here is we have nitrous oxide or the laughing gas. It is just partial sedation. The patient is still awake and aware of what’s happening during the treatment. The gas helps to calm you down and we can proceed with the treatment much better, they feel much comfortable and confident.”

Dr. Yogesh also put an emphasis on using the correct approach and behaviour to address this problem. Apart from that, ensuring that the patient understands the whole procedure of the treatment is also crucial to lessen the anxiety.

“Not all patients know what’s happening. When they’re having pain and all, they have the right to know what exactly we are doing. That’s why behaviour comes first, like how friendly and confident we are and how much information we can give to the patience. For example, if I’m going to do a root canal treatment, I need to make sure to explain the entire procedure to them from A to Z.”

Dr. Siti gently checks the teeth of a child.

Good habit is best instilled and developed from the young age. But to most kids, a dental clinic is not always a happy place to visit. Therefore, Dutamas Dental ensures that their dentists are always friendly and approachable by kids. “The key is how you approach the kids. Let say, you have a kid coming in and needs filling but she’s anxious and doesn’t want to do it, so forcing her would be the last thing you want do.”

“Probably, the first time we meet her, we can just sit together and talk to her, get to know her, make her comfortable and build mutual trust. Probably no treatment on the first sitting, after the talking, send her back with some gifts. The next she comes in, she will feel comfortable and knows nobody is going to hurt her here, and then we start (the treatment) slowly with things that doesn’t hurt her.”

Dr. Yogesh also mentioned to always be true to the kids. “Never lie to a child. For example, you don’t say it’s not going to be painful when pulling out the teeth. Because when you pull out and it gives so much pain, she’s never going to trust you anymore. Be truthful and friendly, at the same time be confident and comforting.”

Prevention is always better than the cure

A patient undergoes teeth whitening treatment.

Taking care of your oral hygiene is just as important as taking care the rest of your body. Dr. Yogesh recommends a visit to dental clinic once every six months for regular check-up. “It’s not good to delay things, for example like small cavity in your mouth. It needs to be filled up as soon as possible.”

She also makes it clear that we should brush our teeth at least twice a day. “Cavity progresses better at night, especially when you’re sleeping. That’s why we recommend brush before sleeping. And then in the morning, you have plague build-up and that’s why after waking up you also have to brush your teeth again.”

When asked about brushing after every meal, Dr. Yogesh commented that it is not necessary to do so. “I would say it would be almost impossible for us to brush every time after meals because we’re travelling and working. But if you ask me, I would, if possible, recommend you to at least gargle your mouth after every meal. The whole concept is to get rid of stucked left-over from the meal you take”, she explained.

Dutamas Dental Clinic
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* Image courtesy of Dutamas Dental Clinic.



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