Jolly Koh @76 : “The best exhibition, yet!”

Modern art
Intimate session Dr. Jolly Koh on his solo art exhibition in White Box, Publika

It was a calm Saturday afternoon at White Box, Publika, as our team strolled into the gallery to prepare for set up before the man of the hour, Dr. Jolly Koh take the stage for his talk on his solo exhibition aptly titled, “Jolly Koh @76 “. Dr. Jolly Koh was fashionably dressed in a fire-hydrant red pants with a matching black Mandarin collared shirt, casually strolling with acquaintances, quietly discussing his paintings.

The interiors of the White Box gallery space was beautifully adorned with stunning Jolly Koh pieces, with the musical movements of autumnal colors from one piece to another. It was a sensory overload and rather unsurprising, Jolly Koh dubbed this exhibition his best one yet. A pioneer in Asia’s modern art movement some 50 years ago, Jolly Koh returns with an impeccable exhibition in Kuala Lumpur’s lifestyle hub, Publika Shopping Gallery. Jolly has his masterpieces exhibited in the realms of the bests, that are J.D. Rockefeller III Collection in New York, the National Art Gallery in Victoria, Australia, the Kasama Nichido Museum of Art in Japan, Bank Negara Malaysia, and The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. Therefore, it was such a treat to have such an artistic genius to pick Malaysia as one of the selected few to showcase his work this time around.


Asian Modern Art
Dr.Jolly Koh explaining the significance of the black accents in some his particular series.


Some of his signature style includes bright and bold colors, with a strike of blacks accents that adds sparks of romance to the masterpiece. Also, he added that he gives translucency and spatial quality importance as it creates an illusion of movement and depth on his work of art. Interestingly, he is not one to tie each emotion to a mere color. His affinity for using certain colors is simply because he likes it and how it compliments it, thus, he applies it. During an intimate session with Jolly, he revealed that of his work is a reminiscence of his European wanderlusts every spring and autumn of museums and gallery visits. However, he admitted there are some controversial pieces, which he rather not point out and was better left unsaid and appreciated for its aesthetics. All in all, it was a pleasant sit-down presentation with a creative mind of his stature, and with his leonine charm and razor-sharp wit, one hour was too short of a session.

Make a final mark on your 2017 memorabilia by checking out ‘Jolly Koh@76 ‘ solo exhibition at the White Box, Publika taking place every day, from 10 am to 8 pm until 17th December 2017.





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