“Menjemur Sementara Hari Masih Panas” Exhibition: Hyrul Anuar’s Latest

From words to visual, Malaysian artist Hyrul Anuar brings his latest exhibition aptly titled “Menjemur Sementara Hari Panas” at Whitebox at Publika between 18th January 2018 to 19th January 2018.

A true visionary and creative head, Hyrul started off his artistic journey by accident when he was finishing his creative residency in Italy. The pressures and expectations being in a foreign country often times crippled his spirits and self-esteem. Only during these tough times, Hyrul turned to doodling on his trusty mobile device, that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Growing up with a doting father who instilled an interest in the Malay literature and classical music, he drew inspiration from expressive Malay idioms to and translate it into vibrant artworks on his phone.

Recently we sat down with Hyrul Anuar, and these are some of the takeaways from him.

“These days, it was easier for one to channel their frustrations on  Facebooks statuses and Twitter when you are going through a challenging time in your life,” Hyrul started, as he was telling us about his life as a foreigner in Italy.

“However, there was also an underlying stubbornness where I did not succumb to that, because I believed social media, at least on my handles, I wanted to manage a very motivating and positive vibe on my page— thus, I turned to my only valuable possession at the time, that was my phone, to doodle my feelings as situational in Malay proverbs.”

Hyrul Anuar Artist
Photo: Malay Proverbs Tumblr page

So far Hyrul’s illustrations have been only of Malay idioms, but we couldn’t help but wonder, does he plan to draw inspirations from different languages?

“Of course, I have traveled quite a bit, and the interest is always there to make more art pieces revolving around different languages and literature.  Although not set in stone, I am planning to come up with a book featuring ten illustrations from ten languages from ten different countries. I think that would be a cool idea, also, I am working on independent projects as a creative head, because more than an artist alone, I like to be identified as a creative thinker, so that sky is the limit,” quipped Hyrul, as he gave a sneak peek of his upcoming project as a film-maker and scriptwriter too.

Perhaps, it was appropriate to dub Hyrul as the “Kanye West” of Asia, however, if there’s one word to describe Hyrul as an individual, we would say, he is very humble.

“My passion lies in various media, not necessarily just visual illustrations alone. I am thankful though because only my stand as an artist brought me the accolades I have received so far but I am just putting out there in the universe that my ultimate dream is being an all-rounded creator, to wet my feet in the likes of textile fashion, sculptures, technology and print in the future,” says Hyrul with a laugh in all modesty.

Hyrul Anuar Artist
Photo: Malay Proverbs Tumblr page

Hyrul Anuar’s work ethic is simple – it is not fame-driven, and whatever he produces, it comes from the sincerity of the heart.

” 2015 and 2016 were considered my active years for my illustrations where a lot of art pieces were produced however I only produced only three in 2017, simply because I was uninspired. Nonetheless, those three pieces were very close to my heart because I created it when I was mourning the passing of my late father.”

Hyrul’s art pieces range from the RM1200-RM 2000 per piece, and it depends on the size and level of intricacy of the piece. When asked about his upcoming series, he said he is going to focus on Malay traditional songs’ lyrics by the great SM Salim and Ahmad Jais. We can already predict it would be a sensational one.

To be part of Hyrul Anuar’s journey as an artist, do visit his exhibition at Whitebox, Publika on 18th and 19th of January 2018, opened from 8 am until 10 pm.

For more information on Hyrul Anuar, please check the link   below:

Website: www.malayproverbs.tumblr.com



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