Groan-ups 101 Celebrates the Street Smarts

Groan-ups 101 presents Street Smarts: Don’t Coma on Your Diploma, at the Bee, Publika this coming February 25, 2018. Speakers Faisal Merican, Kavin Jay, and Hareena Hans will take you on a ride with their take on what it takes to be successful without fretting about grades and pressures to be the (book) smartest student in your class.

How many of us actually end up doing or applying what we studied back in school’s Organic Chemistry lesson or that heart-palpitating Statistics class in college in our current job anyway? I for one, certainly am applying neither my Biochemistry nor my Quantum Physics on mine, for sure.

This is where Groan-ups 101 comes in. Groan-ups 101 was initiated to discover people with different experiences and knowledge to bridge the gap towards things they don’t teach at school so young adults will be ready for any challenges in life. Unconventional mode of education but highly necessary and effective, Groan-Ups 101 have been organizing talks and dialogues on a monthly basis at cafes such as The Bee, Publika by featuring inspiring speakers from a range of industries to connect with the audience on matters ranging from politics, human rights, alternative education, and etcetera.

Street Smarts: Don’t Coma on Your Diploma that is taking place this 25th of February at the Bee, Publika presents three speakers — Faisal Merican, a Senior Broadcast Journalist at Astro Radio, Hareena Hans, Digital Territory Sales Manager, Oracle and Kavin Jay, a professional Stand-up Comedian. Each speaker with a journey of their own, this session is a laid-back and interactive get-together where people from all walks of life get to be enlightened by success stories of these three speakers as well as be inspired and motivated to work towards their own dream pathway. There are very few organizations that carry out programs such as this when there is a huge need. We live in a world where career paths are conditioned to have a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ future, that solely factor in the money-making capabilities. But how often are we motivated or pushed to follow our dreams, regardless if it brings huge profits?

Sponsored by Damansara Dementors Quidditch and The Bee Publika for hosting the venue, Street Smarts: Don’t Coma on Your Diploma is a great program by Groan-ups 101 and it is certainly not to be missed.  Open to all ages, particularly teenagers and young adults, do send in your bookings to or drop them a message on their Facebook page.

Below are the details for this event and be sure to secure your bookings soon!

Street Smarts: Don’t Coma on Your Diploma 

Venue: The Bee, Publika

Time: 2 PM TO 4 PM

Date: February 25, 2018

Ticket fee: RM 30

Contact details: or PM on their Facebook page.

Official Facebook page:




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