1Mont Kiara’s “Time to Blossom” Chinese New Year 2018

1Mont Kiara CNY 2018
1Mont Kiara’s “Time to Blossom” Chinese New Year Celebration 2018

Flower blooming signifies the end of winter and the start of spring and the season of Chinese New Year. This year,  1Mont Kiara celebrated Chinese New Year in the beautiful blooms as a symbol of strength from traditional Chinese belief. Between January 16th to February 14th, there were a string of different activities held at the premises drawing attraction from the families and children.

1Mont Kiara CNY 2018
Winners of Colouring contest
1Mont Kiara CNY 2018
Modern Hip-hop Dancing performances
1Mont Kiara CNY 2018
Children participating in the Mandarin Eating Contest
1Mont Kiara CNY 2018
Colouring contest taking place

From traditional Chinese Lion Dances to Kung Fu showcases, it was a good time for everyone in attendance. Some of the crowd favorites were the children activities like colouring contest and CNY Kids Traditional costume, that engages the parents and their children to participate in creativity and style.Another crowd pleaser was the ‘Mandarin Eating Contest,’ a mandarin-orange eating competition. The Year of the Dog was certainly one to remember at 1Mont Kiara as it befitted the theme of time to blossom showcasing strength for all walks of life.



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