Goofing with Doof Industries

There is nothing ordinary about the Doof Industries— when asked how Doof started, founder Kelvin Long assures it started from a passion project between him and his wife.

“We started Doof around 7-8 years ago when we were in the hunt for a good quality bean baga for our previous office. Funnily enough, we couldn’t find any! ,” Kelvin started with a chuckle. Back then, there were no local online retailers such as Lazada for customers to shop for pieces of furniture, worse yet, a pile of bean bags for their advertising agency. After searching high and low, Kelvin and his wife, Chantelle Teoh decided to just make it themselves instead.

Doof Industries Plaza Damas
Doof beanbags on display (Photo: Doof Industries Facebook page)

We wonder, how was the process like?

“It was a passion project where my wife and I thought, hey, we could just start a bean bag brand as something to have fun with. We were working in an advertising setting where our creativity was restricted and we decided to start Doof that could be a great outlet for our creativity.”

Just like any startup, the struggle was real, as Kelvin put it. Bean bags manufacturing was very new in Malaysia and sourcing for materials alone was a gargantuan task. If that was not enough, where would one go to prototype a beanbag?

“Bag makers, sofa makers, we approached the whole lot, and all of them turned us away because they were unfamiliar with beanbags. Thankfully, it turned out alright after,” says Kelvin.

Doof Industries Plaza Damas
Photo: Doof Industries Facebook page

Doof got its name from how it actually sounds when one were to fall on a beanbag. Coming from an advertising background, Kelvin was passionate and meticulous in every aspect of the branding of Doof. The name “Doof” was simply a play on words to make it sound eclectic and humorous because ultimately having a fun brand is their goal.

Doof Industries Plaza Damas
Doof Hammock (Photo: Doof Industries Facebook page)

When asked about their biggest achievement, Kelvin assured they have made it because Doof garnered a household name that beanbags are dubbed as Doof bags instead, especially those in Kuala Lumpur. He owes this to their efforts of participating in roadshows and conventions to introduce the comfort of their beanbags and the different shapes and sizes they offer under Doof. He believes that roadshows are imperative in their journey to gain traction from the market and it was one of the factors that catapulted Doof in the beginning.

Doof Industries Plaza Damas
Doof for the outdoors(Photo: Doof Industries Facebook page)

“We get excited when customers come and test out our products to their heart’s content because Doof is all about that. We create and innovate plush furniture for customers based on the need and comfort level. Right now, we have  Doof for pets, outdoor activities, and even for travel.”

Doof Industries are big on customer service too. With the purchase of any Doof products, they provide refill services for their beanbags and repairs for wear and tears. Not only that, keen customers can get their hand on a Doof via their Kiosk at Publika at Level UG or via their website here.

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