Caring For Your Travelling Pets

Get your furbabies relocated safe and sound with Pet Import & Export and Equestrian Support Services.

Travelling can be stressful – for both you and your pet. You are stressed out and worried if you were to leave your furry loved ones home alone, but if you were to bring them along, it could turn out to be a painful journey for them.

We spoke to Bev Whittle, an equestrian expert who is also an expat residing in Kuala Lumpur. With over 3 decades of experience, she has fine-tuned her abilities in the industry and turned them into skills. She holds Internationally recognised equestrian coaching qualifications and business management and sports management qualifications.

Born in the United Kingdom, Bev has been travelling for the most part of her life and living in many different countries. In 2004, she finally decided to make Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as her home.

“I quite fancy Asia, so I got a job over here and I am still here (laughs). This is the longest I have ever lived in any one country and any one place. The flat I live in now is the longest I have ever lived compared to anywhere else. So, it’s kind of (feel) like home, it’s more like home than anywhere else.”

It all started with passion. 

Previously an equestrian manager based in Bukit Kiara, Bev founded and currently is managing Equestrian Support Services – providing care for horses and catering to their needs from arranging import and export services to keeping the horses safe and healthy whilst they undergo import or export quarantine.

“It’s something that I have always done. I have always managed equestrian centres in different countries and coached riders.  Since I was about 12, I’ve done a lot – either as a rider or working in yards. I actually moved out from this (industry) and did other jobs in between, but I have always come back to horses. It’s not a job anymore, it’s a way of life.”

When asked how she started Pet Import & Export, Bev told us that: “Once people know that you move horses, they come along and ask whether I can also move their cats and dogs, and now I’m doing it as a business.”

“Your Pet, We care”.

As horse and pet owner herself, Bev knows how much pets mean to their owners. Setting up this business purely out of her passion for animals, Bev ensures that travelling pets receive the needed care and affection during their travels. Bev also emphasises that preparing your pet for travel is as important as the travel itself. She also makes it a point that acclimatising your pet to the carrier is essential, as most injuries in travel are due to your pet not being familiar with being enclosed in a carrier.

Among the services provided by Pet Import & Export are as follows:

  • Documentation (Pet passport, import & export permits, Government Health Certificates and EU paperwork)
  • Blood Testing (microchips, Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Testing, and other blood tests)
  • Parasite Treatments
  • Door to Door Service
  • Customs Clearance
  • Quarantine
  • Animal Boarding
  • Pet Carriers
  • Personalised Requirements

Why Should We Choose Pet Import & Export and Equestrian Support Services?

“What makes us different is that we will do a thorough research for you. We wouldn’t just tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We will give you proper answers. We will double check and keep you informed all along the way. I think that is the important key to providing the best service for your pets.”

Pet Import & Export
Instagram: @petimportexport
Tel: 03-6411 5536 / 016-2017713

Equestrian Support Services



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