Happy Hop Malaysia: Bouncy Inflatables Accessible for All

Inflatables are always such fun, and children can’t resist jumping on them. But moms are always not fond of inflatables due to sanitary reasons. Fear not as Happy Hop is here for concerned mothers everywhere.


Happy Hop Malaysia Publika
The Happy Hop Logo (Photo: Happy Hop Malaysia’s Facebook Page)

Happy Hop is a world-leading manufacturer of inflatables and bouncy castle which are all powered by compact electric blowers. Happy Hops is all about having customers purchasing their own inflatables and not renting them because they believe that every home should have one for the kids to have fun and play on.

Happy Hop Malaysia Publika
This is one of the inflatable playgrounds with a mix of bouncy castle and water inflatable, being showcased at the Publika.

Happy Hop’s inflatables are all made from 100% stitched high-grade polyester and laminated PVC which are highly durable for jumping and bouncing on, plus this material makes it easy for you to clean up. They are also easy to set up — with electricity, it takes 60 seconds for your inflatable to be ready. You can also set it up anywhere you like, may it be outdoors or indoors.

Happy Hop Malaysia Publika
This is the packaging of a new inflatable and it is the same size when you store it.

The storage isn’t a problem, just deflate it, roll it up and store it in the portable bag. The whole weight of the deflated inflatable is very light as one person can easily do the job. Happy Hop’s inflatables come in various different designs, such as the water inflatables, the bouncy castle, or even a combination of both, in the inflatable playground.

Happy Hop Malaysia Publika
Happy Hop in Publika.

Happy Hop is having their pop-up station in Publika in front of Wondermilk and Journal by Plan B exit. They are going to be there until Sunday, 24th of March, so stop by and have a look at their inflatables for yourself and maybe consider getting one for your little ones.

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