The Last Week of Eco-Month X MAPFest 2018

Eco-Month X Mapfest has touched a lot of people by showcasing different arts and culture. Celebrating the importance of environmental issues with Eco-month, Mapfest 2018 is finishing up the event on 22nd April 2018. If you are missing on all the thrilling and action pack activities, make sure to join them on these activities below.

Photo: Eco-Month x MAPFest 2018’s Facebook Page


Art has always been a form of expression. The exhibition by Fergana Art showcases, 20 art pieces by 19 artists from painting, sculpture to video expressing what modern life has become.  Fundamentally in the world around us, the themes cover topics from politics to deforestation answers and expressing their thoughts and belief. Truly displaying the freedom of having the ability to choose what we are and choosing who we want to be.

Date: 31st March – 22nd April 2018
Venue: White Box
Time: 11am – 7pm

Photo: Eco-Month x MAPFest 2018’s Facebook Page

Workshop @ Art Row

An initiative by Publika to help home-grown creative talents, Art Row is providing a platform to anyone interested in becoming artisans and crafters. Learn the craft of making your own jewelry or hand making your own edible skincare product made from all-natural ingredients. You can also take your children out on a unique art workshop experience, comprising of t-shirt designing, figure drawing sessions and clay sculpting at the Art Row or even play retro games using video console from different eras.

Photo: Eco-Month x MAPFest 2018’s Facebook Page


Sedekad Rock ‘n’Roll

This exhibition is a love letter and documentation of the Malaysia music scenes by Ahmad “Cipoi” Saiful, a photographer to Malaysia music scenes. This is a truly magnificent one of a kind music-themed photography exhibition that bears witness to a decade’s journey of visual photography in Malaysia. To any music lover, this is an event not to be missed.

Date: 7th – 22nd April 2018
Venue: The Circle
Time: 10am – 10pm

Photo: Eco-Month x MAPFest 2018’s Facebook Page

Pitches, Music and Art Festival

Sukaseni is presenting to you Malaysia’s Coachella festival in Publika. Bringing in all kind of activities from the bazaar, selling food to a workshop on art paint to lots and lots of fun battles like acapella battle, rap off battle, dance off battle and lip sync battle. This is going to be one music and art festival that you don’t want to miss.

Date: 21st – 22nd April 2018
Venue: The Square
Time: 10am – 10pm

Photo: Sukaseni’s Facebook Page

Indie Rock Fest

Calling out to all indie music fans and joining in on the fun for Indie Rock Fest. This festival is composed of 12 local Indie acts by the Indie label Theatrical Records that aims to help local acts through record production, events and artist management. They will also be showcasing a diverse music genre like indie rock, punk rock, ska punk, reggae and pop.

Date: 21st April 2018
Venue: Black Box
Time: 2 pm – 10pm

Photo: Eco-Month x MAPFest 2018’s Facebook Page

Switch On x Mü-Nest

A Collaboration by Switch On x Mü-Nest, to bring a truly incredible international electronic music showcase in Malaysia.  Electronic music has become part of the trend in the international music scene and has become a voice of expression to a younger generation. This event will be performed by international electronic music acts from Tokyo like audio-visual wizard Okamotonoriaki, and electronic maestro Akitsugu Fukushima to perform in Malaysia.

Date: 22nd April 2018
Venue: Black Box
Time: 4 pm – 11 pm

Photo: Eco-Month x MAPFest 2018’s Facebook Page

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