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Fitting in isn’t an option at FitOrange when it comes to the conventional gym. With FitOrange, founder Karsten Korbel started one of the first micro gyms in Klang Valley which only needs 20 minutes of your time for maximised strength training. Too good to be true? Find out below!

FitOrange EMS Training Plaza Damas 3
Clients may carry out trainings with medicine ball, kettle ball and more whilst being attached to the EMS machine comfortably.

A micro gym is certainly a fairly new concept which many of us may not be familiar with. Essentially, a micro gym is a fitness space, often limited to one or two types of activities like a cycling gym or just circuit training with an indoor obstacle course. At FitOrange, however, a unique technology known as Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is employed instead, which cuts down all those long hours in your regular gym to a mere 20 minutes for great results.

FitOrange EMS Training Plaza Damas 3
Founder Karsten Korbel (right) with a client after a successful session.


FitOrange EMS Training Plaza Damas 3
EMS training is suitable for all ages and people of any fitness level. Each session is monitored by a staff at all times, so it is like having a personal training session for the fraction of the price.

Technically, EMS is a total body workout with body current—our muscles contract through electric impulses in a normal state, therefore, EMS employs this mechanism by applying external electro impulses from the machine, directed to the areas we are targeting. Karsten himself was a skeptic when he first learned about EMS, however, upon trying, he was so impressed with the results that he decided to start FitOrange at Plaza Damas 3. What happens if we want to do more than 20 minutes though?

FitOrange EMS Training Plaza Damas 3
Micro gym operates within a compact but very functional space which enables clients to do their 20-minute sessions. FitOrange also provides comfortable changing rooms and bathrooms for clients’ use.

“Trust me when I say you’ll be drained by the end of that that 20th minute,” Karsten laughed while fixing the EMS on my arms. All I did was clench my fist, and once the EMS was turned on, I could barely do ten bicep curls because the pulses intensified my movement and it was as though I was lifting a heavy dumbbell.  Karsten said that with a full-body EMS workout, over 90% of the muscles fibres are activated at the same time during each contraction, penetrating till the deepest of muscles. Hence why EMS is a highly favorable training in the sporting industry as well as supplementary training for Hollywood stars like Tom Holland (Spiderman) and the stuntman of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Captain America (Chris Evans). Other EMS proponents include Victoria Secret models and many A-List Hollywood celebrities.

FitOrange EMS Training Plaza Damas 3
Monthly subscription package


FitOrange EMS Training Plaza Damas 3
One-time payment packages.

One may wonder if there are any safety hazards since there are electric pulses involved, however, Karsten vouched that the pulses used on the EMS machine utilise low-frequency current stimulation that are not at all dangerous.

FitOrange is definitely a place for those who are always on the go and always looking for a short but very effective workout. FitOrange is suitable for all ages, as well as all fitness levels. Since they operate as a micro-gym, appointments are encouraged, however, do not hesitate to walk-in to try your luck. Also, newbies are most welcomed as it is just like any other mode of workout. Karsten keeps it exciting by constantly updating workout regimes with EMS and he stated that FitOrange offers up to 250 different exercises via EMS training to keep the clients motivated. There is never a dull day of training at FitOrange for sure!

FitOrange is kind enough to offer 10 free trial sessions worth RM80 each for our readers on a first come first serve basis. All you need to do is WhatsApp FitOrange at +60169230540 (FitOrange Plaza Damas 3 studio hotline) and tell them they heard about FitOrange from Unplugged!

You will not regret it! Hurry up and sign up for FitOrange for a fitter lifestyle! Not convinced just yet? Why don’t you pop-in the studio for a quick tour. The staff members at FitOrange will be more than happy to accommodate you.

For further information, please check out the link below:


B-0-1, Plaza Damas 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +60169230540

*Photos used in this post are provided by FitOrange unless stated otherwise.



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