Buy A Block and protect our friends in Gua Musang.

Help the Orang Asli Temiar of Gua Musang in Kelantan, to protect their forest and their home. 

Deforestation happening in Gua Musang. (Picture credited to PEKA’s Facebook page)

For the past 2 years, Deforestation has been going on to the rainforest of Gua Musang to make way for gold mining, and plantations. That leads to losses of their farms and their sacred ancestral forest. Not only that but they also experienced shortages of food and water as the rivers were contaminated and wildlife gradually decreased.

The Orang Asli Temiar are protesting because their forest being cut down. (Picture credited to PEKA’s Facebook page)

Due to that, they have been putting up blockage to stop the illegal logging on their home. Supporting them all these years is PEKA ( Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam) that consistently helping them by providing food and clean water and became their connection to Malaysian’s in the city centre that is not aware of this issue. So, how can we as an outsider stand with our friend in Gua Musang?

The Orang Asli Temiar with the #BlocksbyBlock structure. (Picture credited to Blocks To Block: Orang Asli Gua Musang’s Facebook page)

Organised by PEKA and Leo Burnett, the #BlocksbyBlock exhibition and fundraising event in Publika is important to the Orang Asli Temair in Gua Musang. On the 23rd to 29th of April 2018, the symbolic structure of a ‘Blockade’ will be exhibited at the center of Publika. The hundred blocks structure was designed by a creative team in Leo Burnett and will be sold block by block which will raise fund for PEKA in continuing the support for Gua Musang. The Blocks will be sold at a minimum of RM 150 but if you want to donate more,  you are welcomed to do so.

The #BlocksbyBlock Art work (Picture credited to Blocks To Block: Orang Asli Gua Musang’s Facebook page)

A photo exhibition will also be held that showcases the current lives of the Orang Asli Temiar by David Lok from Studio DL. There, you can have a glimpse of what is currently faced by the Orang Asli as the photographs taken provides the actual proof of truth.

(Picture credited to Blocks To Block: Orang Asli Gua Musang’s Facebook page)


#BlocksToBlock will be running from the 23rd to 29th of April 2018 at the Publika Concourse (G2). Play a part of the effort by buying a block that will help them to afford food and vital supplies as well as rehabilitation of the destroyed homes.

P.S. The purchases you made are considered as donations, meaning they are tax-deductible.

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