Bakery Cafe Hachi at Plaza Damas

Bakery Cafe Hachi at Plaza Damas is an all-rounder joint for delectable Japanese pastries and artisanal bread. Here are three reasons why you should check them out this weekend for your brunch date with family or friends.

1. Delectable varieties of Japanese pastries and bread, along with some local flavors.

bakery cafe hachi plaza damasWe all love carbs and bread is love when it comes to comfort food. At Hachi, the variety of baked goodies are endless—Japanese bread and buns include Custard Cream Fresh Mango Croissant,  Yuze Cheese Bread, Keema Bun (Japanese curry filling), Kouign-Amann (French traditional sweet bread),  Earl Grey Apple Bun, and the likes. Owner and Chef Chinami Date is the brainchild behind the brand as she utilizes her background in bakery stint in Japan for a number of years. At Hachi, she uses imported Japanese flour to make her bread and buns in order to preserve the extend the shelf life of the bread. She incorporates special technique in the bread-making which enable customers to freeze the loaf and toast it whenever desired without compromising the original taste of the loaf.

HACHI has made homemade jam! Our jam is made with less sugar, making use of the natural sweetness and sourness of the fruits. Currently we only have “Berry Series” but we do have some requests for “Mango & Passion Fruit Jam” and others so we will try to add more varieties soon! By the way, some dishes in our breakfast menu like “Breakfast Toast” “French Toast” and “Egg Benedict with Cream Cheese Muffin” will also come with our jam. Jam is a common combination with bread slices but you can also enjoy adding it to plain yogurt, vanilla ice-cream, scones, crackers, pancakes and many more! Come and try our jam? The price for the small jar is RM10 and the big jar is RM26. HACHIのジャムをご紹介。意識したのは甘すぎないことで、強い甘みは保存にはいいけれども好まないお客様もいるな、と思って良しとされる糖分から随分と押さえました。フルーツの持つ甘みや酸味を活かして作ったのが、HACHIのジャムです。今のところは、ベリーシリーズのみとなっていますが、お客様のご要望で、「マンゴー&パッションフルーツ」などにも挑戦していけたらと思っています!HACHIの朝食メニューにある「朝食トースト」、「フレンチトースト」、「エッグベネディクト」にもジャムを添えています。ジャムと言えば、やはり食パンですが、プレーンヨーグルト、バニラアイス、スコーン、クラッカー、パンケーキなどなど、食パン以外でもジャムを添えて楽しむことできるのです。ぜひ、一度お試しくださいませ♪ 価格は、小:RM10 大:RM26。 #HACHI #bakerycafehachi #bakerymalaysia #bakeryKL #jam #ベーカリーマレーシア #ベーカリーKL #ジャム

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2. Lunching spot for quick meals.

bakery cafe hachi plaza damas
Hearty sandwiches with both meat and vegetarian options.

Apart from buns and bread, you can opt to dine-in at Hachi as they provide a decent dine-in menu which includes classic dishes like Croque Madame, Pizza Toast, Keema Curry with Cheese, Banh Mi, Pita Sandwich, Focaccia Sandwich, Chicken Cutlet Sandwich, and Club Sandwich. Whether ordered as a single meal or for sharing, Hachi deems a reliable spot post-meeting meal or even a tea-time munch for you.

3. Easy interior for play dates.

bakery cafe hachi plaza damas

bakery cafe hachi plaza damas
Clean and easy decor.

Hachi adopted the modern, Japanese-style minimalist interior which is great for playdates with young ones. Along with their extensive menu and comfy interior, Hachi is no doubt ideal for bringing in your children after school or sports class for quick meal. Also, it is also a good idea to keep children occupied with their favorite pastry with a parent, when the other is off for a grocery errand at the grocers in Plaza Damas.

Bakery Cafe Hatchi

P-07B , Plaza Ground Floor,
Sri Hartamas Shopping Centre ,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 8AM–8PM daily
Contact number: 03-6206 2668


*All images are courtesy of Bakery Cafe Hachi Facebook page.



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