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KOA Fitness is a women-only haven for some iron-pumping and calorie-torching sessions by seasoned trainers at Mont Kiara. Here’s why KOA Fitness is my go-to on a weekly basis.

Gym and workout classes can be intimidating especially for beginners for many reasons. One is the fear of looking stupid or lost with gym workouts or equipment. Being a woman, who was also a beginner in fitness journey, that is a whole other ball game because now you tend to feel pressured to make effort on how you look too due to the potential of bumping into a  herd of fitness-oriented male counterparts in between sets. If you’re anything like me, KOA Fitness came into the picture and redefined workout space for me.

Firstly, KOA Fitness is a women-only boutique gym with the same if not better facility compared to your regular co-ed gym. Just because it is a women-only gym, don’t expect all things pink and frilly because, at KOA, they mean business. The decor is kept minimal and industrial that is conducive as the last thing you need is on a treadmill was getting distracted by flashing neon lights or bright coloured walls. The gym is, however, smaller than a regular gym, however not compromising in functionality. The space is split into three sections — a studio and an open area for classes, and weights and equipment area for strength training.

KOA Fitness Mont Kiara
Cool down in session.

I come to KOA mainly for their classes because it is intense and no, they don’t slow down just because you’re a girl. The trainers are very seasoned and trained professionals, hence you know you are in good hands. The classes are based off functional training and high-intensity interval training which promise maximal fat burn per class. Though the classes require prior booking, this is to ensure classes are not overcrowded which could affect the session for all. You can check out here for more information on their classes offered, maybe go for a trial class?

Now that we’re done talking about things that make you look good, let’s talk about the thing that makes you feel good. My favourite feature of KOA is the vanity area in the changing room. I guess it was apt to run with the stereotype of an all-women gym with a fully decked vanity area(looking good takes work!), complete with skincare and haircare products. I loved that they offer locally made skincare products for us to try out and they even have pamphlets on the products in case we were interested to purchase these products. Apart from that, the changing room is equipped with locker facility and shower cubicles.

KOA Fitness Mont Kiara
Vanity station dream! Fully decked with hair-tools to tackle post-workout frizz and skincare to enhance the glow.

Do check out KOA Fitness at Mont Kiara for some fat-torching session with a good dose of sisterhood all bundled-up into one. Contact information is as follows:

KOA Fitness

Gateway Kiaramas
Corporate Suites,
No.1 Jalan Desa Kiara,
Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel:+603 6211 0677

Hours:7am – 9pm (Mon-Fri), 9am – 3pm (Sat & Public Holiday) 
Closed On Sundays



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