#PeopleofMontKiaraHartamas’s Top 5 Ways for a Better Community Living

Given an option, what is on your wishlist to enhance the community living in your area? Here are some of the ways #PeopleofMontKiaraHartamas hope for towards a better community living.

In the wake of a new Malaysia, it paves the way towards new sets of hopes and directions too. Today, we go through a series of suggestions that makes up a wishlist for Mont Kiara and Hartamas’s community living better and sustainable.

#1 Enhance road system to ease traffic.

This has been a perennial problem at the area especially at peak hours. Double parking and illegal parking are constant problems which obstruct the traffic flow. More so, proper enforcement of parking and traffic law should be placed to reduce these inconsiderate practices. Some suggest that the number of speed breakers could also be reduced upon revision which could improve the congestion. Furthermore, a bicycle lane is also a clever alternative to encourage more people to use bicycle which would, in turn, reduces the car usage in the area.

#2 Preservation of Bukit Kiara Forest as a communal forest for recreation activities.

Bukit Kiara Deforestation PetitionDeforestation of Bukit Kiara forest is at its peak that needs urgent attention. The on-going new development projects are creating a myriad of issues including noise and severe environmental pollutions. Resonating from the ongoing petition seen here (do sign up for the sake of a greener future), it would be great to protect the remainders of the Bukit Kiara forest as a communal park for preservation and recreational purposes. On top of that, it would be an ideal plan for a family-centric community such as Mont Kiara and Hartamas to have such amenities.

#3 Better public transportation services.

The MRT3 cancellation isn’t the best news as Hartamas and Mont Kiara are quite disconnected when compared to the rest of Klang Valley. However, the introduction of shuttle bus services to connect all the malls in the area. Not only that, this would be highly appreciated in a close-knit community that also has everything within the vicinity without the need for residents to go out of the area. There are multiple grocery shops, boutique gyms, wellness centers and more scattered around the area, thus shuttle services is a necessity.

#4 Community centers and public library for all.

As previously mentioned, Mont Kiara and Hartamas are close-knit family-centric neighbourhoods in Klang Valley. Mont Kiara lacks community centres for families to host events or simply gather for personal or community work. Residents would also benefit from library, should there be one.

#5 Aim to be a Zero Tolerance Zone.

The recent Whistle campaign by MKCS is one of the first steps towards zero tolerance to petty crimes in Mont Kiara. However, the residents are not stopping there. With the current dialogue for a better community living, it is a unanimous vote to become a Zero Tolerance zone to detrimental issues such as littering, illegal parking, open-air burning, illegal dumping, deforestation, among many more.




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