Cultured Curation at Traders Market, Publika.

Weekends are usually for grocery runs so how about taking a detour to Boulevard at Publika for the Traders Market for a change? Here is the dirt on the deed!

This coming weekend, Publika is playing host to the first installment of Traders Market where you have an array of homegrown brands and entrepreneurs selling homemade and local goods to the wider public! This is a community-centric initiative to provide an introductory platform for local entrepreneurs to capture public interest that would bring more familiarity to their products.

Traders Market presents local businesses ranging from souvenirs, beauty lines as well as art and decorative items. Here are some of the brands to look out for when you are there at this coming 2-day treat starting tomorrow on the 7th of July till 8th Jul 2018:

KohiYatta , (Japanese for, “Yay, Coffee!”) is a Japanese-inspired café along Jalan Sungai Besi. Here, you can get their best-selling burnt cheesecake and our bottled beverages such as Cold-Steeped Chocolate, Cold Brew Coffee, Matcha White and Houjicha White that are all freshly brewed and baked in-house with premium ingredients. It is a perfect treat if you have any house party to attend this weekend because a cake is always a good idea for a party potluck.

Is CHACO Polish easy to use? Yes…just like how you normally brush your teeth. . The New & Improved CHACO Polish is a concentrated non-abrasive black paste that is very gentle on the gums. . Just add ONE more step to your daily routine of brushing teeth….. Scoop a small amount (1 gm) of CHACO Polish onto your toothbrush and brush your teeth ONCE a day. . Formulated with Activated Charcoal, Bamboo Charcoal, Virgin Coconut Oil….. CHACO Polish succeeds in removing tough stains on teeth caused by coffee, tea, wine, food colouring and tobacco that normal toothpaste can never remove. . Your teeth will gradually start to regain it’s original brighter and whiter shade ….. but it only works if you use it DAILY! . Give it a try… it really works! Only RM88 for at least ONE month’s use! . Purchase at

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ChacoPolish is also a unique sell at this market because it is actually an all-natural teeth whitener which has a rave online reviews already. This concentrated black paste is preservative-free and non-abrasive that is effective in removing stains on teeth caused by coffee, tea, wine, food colouring and tobacco without harming the enamel.

If you are hunting for jewelry, Sillynuts is also doing a pop-up here at the market where they offer handmade jewelry using hex nuts and genuine leather elements. At Sillynuts, every piece is unisex and unique, thus there is always something for everyone here.

Shopaholics will be thrilled as the market feature variety of lifestyle vendors. Paradeso Decor and Sambal Enak will be teaming up to showcase their collection on the artisanal Asian lifestyle. Palm trees and the likes are the summer trend this year and don’t sleep on this as they feature a tropical collective inspired by homemade and hand sourced food and lifestyle goods from across the Asian region.

Traders Market Publika

CHIYO is another vendor you shouldn’t miss if you love purposeful fashion . Their Batik Series is their current bestseller, designed for our humid weather it is suitable for all ages. Speaking of all ages, we wish Kooshboo Kids come in adult sizes. Founder Natasha Navin created this trendy line out of frustration of difficulty in finding cute clothes for her children. Kooshboo is also available at Traders Market, so make sure you bring your young ones too for a little shopping spree.

Fashion aside, art and decoratives are a big thing at the market. If you’re a fan of Kuen Stephanie, you are in luck. Local artist Kuen Stephanie is known for richly detailed in vivid colours and her trademark – the figures have lines that define their eyebrows and noses, but nothing else. 

Kuen Stephanie Traders Market
Signature Kuen’s piece.

These are some of the vendors who are setting up tomorrow but trust us when we say they are plenty more. For the complete list of the vendors, do drop by Traders Market Facebook page for more info.

There’s something for everyone at this 2-day market, so head down to Publika this weekend on 7 & 8th July (10am-10pm) at Boulevard, Publika Shopping Mall, KL!



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